Question: When does your troop meet?

We meet twice each month. We meet as a Troop for opening and closing flag ceremonies (as well as some troop level fun) and split into units in between.

Question: What does your troop do?

We do a lot of things. Aside from badge work, we do troop-wide social events like the Father/Daughter Dance, the Mother/Daughter tea, and camping. We reach out to the community by caroling, marching in local parades, laying wreaths at Quantico cemetery, and working at our local food pantry. We also have unit-level social events and trips with parties, movie nights, cabin retreats, snow boarding, outdoor skills days, and river rafting. And so much more!

Question: Do I have to be a member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church/any Catholic church to join this troop?

No! We have girls from different churches, both Catholic and not, in our troop! We are a Catholic troop, but we would never turn away a girl who wants to be a part of our troop.

Question: How are the girls divided into levels?

The girls are divided into level by age. The age they will be by October 31 of the year determines the cut off.

One-year level: Pathfinders are our youngest group, age 5.

Three-year levels: Tenderhearts are age 6-8. Explorers are 9-12.

Two-year levels: Pioneers are 13-14. Patriots are 15-18.

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